ONE WORLD MUSIC UK Debut Artists Feature and Review December 2016

“I adore originality and with Sukha (the Band) we have that in all its glory, the band have lovingly created an album of a rocking spiritual intent and it works superbly, adding yet another layer to this quite creative 21st century of new musical styles…

Sukha have brought into manifestation an album with a difference, the have used mantra, added different styles and genres, and used an overall folk rock ethic, to add such a depth of originality to the album and its entire concept. Rise is a refreshing new project to bring the essence and energy of spiritual music, into the more mainstream pathways of our reality. Their performance has been outstanding and their intent truthful and stylish, I would recommend this to anyone who is seeking something different to enjoy in music, to those who wish to add a little eastern flavour to their rock collection” – One World Music, UK

I urge you to make this part of your collection as soon as possible, embrace this release and enjoy its energies, you will not be disappointed.

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WHOLE LIFE TIMES Review – May 2016

“Appropriately titled, Rise never flags in its efforts to get the listener up and moving, appreciative and ready for the day or night ahead. With a stirring crescendo, the title track—like much of the album—will get you motivated in a way a latté never could” – Whole Life Times Review of “Rise” by SUKHA

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Yoga Chicago Magazine Review of “RISE” by Sukha August 2016

“Listening to this gentle, joyful, rockin’ release is a transcendent experience” –

Link to Yoga Chicago Music Review – July/August 2016

Zone Music Reporter (ZMR) Review by RJ Lannan – November 2016

“I can attest that this band lives up to its name…I have I have heard Humee Hum a number of times, but not like this. The music reminded me of something Suzanne Vega would offer. It is poignant, sincere and full of angst… If you weren’t paying specific attention to the lyrics, you might imagine that you were listening to a great band playing alternative music. Sukha is not afraid to take on melodic challenges to justify their position…their novel approach encourages me to learn more” RJ Lannan – ZMR Reviews – November 2016


LA YOGA MAGAZINE – Review – April 2016

“A lighthearted spirit that ignites joy”, “Sukha emanates powerful energy asking us to gather around the sacred fire of transcendence”…LA Yoga Magazine – April 2016 Review of “Rise” by SUKHA

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LA Academia Awards BEST WORLD BEAT ALBUM – August 2016